Butch Rice - Acoustic Pop

Jason Headrick
Ace Weekly

Mellow sounds loom heavy in the air with light acoustic rhythms as Butch Rice takes to the guitar on his new album Acoustic Pop.

Rice brings back the simplicity of a guitar and clear vocals with love ballads and tales of love gone dry. The simplicity behind the first track, "Why Won't This Heart?", is phenomenal. Charmed by tuneful verse and acoustic pureness, the track envelops the calming and masterful voice of one Butch Rice and opens a door to soothing vocals and beats. Rice strums the guitar in smooth transitions, making for a soulful blend of classic guitar and toned down pop (hence the album name).

"I Don't Care" details the uncertainty of life and love. The lyrics hold a certain truth and anyone who has felt like they were at the bottom of the barrel can relate to them. The mellowness of the words allows Rice's voice to shine through in this track and creates the perfect mood music for a night of relaxation or even bottle-tipping.

ear X-tacy recording artist Butch Rice has been acclaimed by critics across the country for his music and rightfully so. Though the album does seem to be a straight forward format of tempos and acoustics, the depth behind the music makes it prevail as a great independent acoustic album filled with passion and revived musical purity. Rice's efforts on Acoustic Pop deserve to be heard by young and old alike as they get the true best of both worlds - classic music mixed with the adapted pop lyrics of today.

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